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Impact of Covid-19 on Education Sector



Kandhkot- Education sector has been badly impacted by the novel COVID- 19 outbreak throughout the globe. According to the UNESCO report, due to preventive measures of a novel virus, over a billion students from both private and public sector are unable to go to schools, colleges and universities worldwide. Even they have been compelled to skip their examination from Grade -1 to Grade-VIII and they will be promoted to next classes whereas examinations of Secondary, college and university students have been rescheduled to later dates adding concerns to the students future.

To mitigate the effect on education, developed countries like the UK, China, Japan-US have started online learning,  to build the skills of students and also enhance their problems- solving and communication skills. But there is another situation in our country in the wake of coronavirus that all schools, institutions and colleges are completely closed while the students are deprived of education while being confined to their homes and wasting their precious time watching movies, playing games and wandering in the streets while some smart students are using smartphones to get some knowledge from YouTube and other learning sites.

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It is observed that the students of the poor community especially belonging to remote areas are mostly affected as they don’t have access to any computer, tablet or any Smartphone, their skills and talent is diminishing with each passing day as the prolonged lockdown continues.   Education is the main sector of developed countries said Professor Abdul Rahman, in the spread of COVID- 19 pandemic the overall position for education is on the same page in the globe. Replying a question he said that online learning needs to be seen as a different experience for Pakistanis especially of remote areas who do not have proper facilities like European countries.

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On another question, he said that online education would not replace face to face learning. He said it is not possible to educate students at home as many students will not learn at their homes properly and they prefer to learn only at their respective institutes. He suggested to parents to help their children by reviewing tests in their homes as the education has massively been hit by a coronavirus. The online education is just a respite for students so that they may not forget what they have learnt so far in their respective classes.

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