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Impact of Lockdown on Transgender Community ,Beggars and Nomads




Kandhkot- The novel coronavirus has badly affected people of every category such as upper, middle and lower class. Due to closure of all big and small businesses, manufacturing factories, Industries of all types, all the national and international have been halt and the economy has been impacted and other international and national adversely. The people have utilized their savings as their earning potential was limited by lockdown and market closures. They are passing through hard times to sustain the jolts of this pandemic that has impacted every country equally.

In this situation, streets are presenting a desert look while people are li their homes, no one goes outside sans buying food items and medical assistance.  It was witnessed that with the shutdowns of local businesses and vendors across the country, a  vast number of transgenders and beggars whose livelihood was on charity fro dm people in various markets, streets and shops to feed their partners/ colleagues or kids. Mst  bakhtan, mai waziraan, keerti bai, soonam, jaadul, fakkero and others approached to this correspondent and told that they can’t feed their children in this 333lockdown as all bazaars, markets and shops are completely shut.

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They told while wiping the droplets of tears flowing like fast rain from their eyes that they were dependent on open markets as if the market owners earn their living, they will help the vulnerable community like us on such difficult time. She regretted that Government has done nothing, so far, for the vulnerable community like them and appealed to CM Sindh, PM and Chief justice of Pakistan to protect them from starvation. They demanded to announce special relief package and rationing for the transgender community in these testing times. They said that they are also the citizens of Pakistan and their rights should be safeguarded by the state.

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They questioned whether they were not human beings or citizens of Pakistan why they were deprived of relief and rationing in the state of Pakistan. They complained that the government has not been able to distribute food items among them so far. They demanded from DC kashmore, ACs,  social activists, various organizations, foundations to provide ration to various families who are living in huts surrounding of the city especially the vulnerable transgender community to mitigate the impact of Lockdown.

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