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Skyrocketing prices of Health and Hygiene Products add to woes of masses amid lockdown




Kandhkot- The rates of health and sanitation products such as hand sanitizers, face masks, disinfecting wipes and sprays, antiseptic soaps, gloves and others have been skyrocketed in the wake of novel coronavirus throughout the country. After the outbreak of COVID – 19, the preventive measures has been advised by the family physicians as well as medical specialists to stay home, wash hands with sanitizers, wear gloves and masks. It is observed that these above products belonging to health and sanitation were disappeared from the market.

Shopkeepers and wholesalers in this scribe told that it is fact that with the novel virus continuing it’s spread throughout the world there is an acute shortage of sanitizers, face masks and gloves as these items have become a hot commodity. They told if a vendor had been sold 10 to 20 masks in daily routine the demand soared to 100 plus.

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Local citizens have complained that the profiteers have been looted to them with both hands as facemasks which are usually sold from 10 to 20 Rupees but the same are being sold from 50 to 60, while hand sanitizer gel is sold from 350 to 400 instead of 80 to 100.

On the Other hand, the district administration has not been taken any steps against the profiteers and hoarders to monitor and regulate the prices with help of ACs, Mukhtiarkars and Price Control Department.

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In this critical situation, the government should have a proper mechanism wherein the prices of essential products could be controlled. They also complained that despite the allocation of 20 Million Relief Fund from Sindh government to each district, they have not been able to distribute masks, gloves and sanitizers amongst the masses so far.

It is to be mentioned here that due to lethargic attitude bureaucracy and lack of coordination from District Administration, the sale of expired sanitizers, soaps and related items have risen throughout the district. Even the shopkeepers selling daily food items such as flour, pluses, bottles and bags of tomato ketchup, cold drinks, juices, Dessert food are reportedly outdates raising serious concerns for the general public.

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