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The Abysmal Security Situation And PML (N) Government



Suicide bombings , kidnappings  for  ransom and  Extortion  , forced  disappearances  and  sectarian killings  painting  a  bleak  picture of  law and  order situation in Pakistan  . The government’s kneeling down towards the  forces  of  evil is  a clear signal  towards  governance  weakness and  flaws  which need  to be  rectified   for the  best interests  of the people . The  Government has  been  weakening  with  each passing day and  with  failure  of talks with Taliban on the  pretext of  unconditional ceasefire  , it could  be ascertained  that   PML (N) Government  has  been left   with  no other option than initiating operation  against the  those  who challenged the  writ of the  Government and  even  rejecting the  very  constitution  of  Pakistan  which  safeguards the  rights of  the  people  and  was  promulgated  in consultation with religious leaders  .

Ever Since  the  PML (N)  came into power  after  Elections  , It has  failed  on the  Security front and  basic  rights of  the  People  of  Pakistan are being violated  due to  flawed  policies  which are  not bearing fruit including the  much echoed  National Security Policy  which  comes  to logical  end  with  continuous  wave of  Terrorist strikes on religious  buildings  , Passenger trains and  other public places leaving  hundreds  people  dead  in Karachi , Peshawar  , Quetta  and  Lahore  .

The  intelligence  agencies  have failed  to foil  these  type  incidents  in  metro cities as  well as  Tribal belts of  FATA and  Khyber Pakhtunkhwa  . The Gas Pipelines explosions in Baluchistan by the so called BLA  and  the  Tribal  Clashes  in Sindh  has  made  the  life of  the  People  miserable  and  there is no one  to  save  the  people  from this  type  of  trauma  .  The  Government Ministers  -Federal and Provincial  appear  on the  News Channels  with  bunch of microphones  placed  before them with  smile on their faces  that  they  condemn such  acts  of  Barbarism and  resolve  to take  the  strict action against the  culprits  but it never happens  . The  Series  of  terrorist activities  seems  to have  no ending  and  Government is  seen counting on  days  of   their  Governance  and  speaking against the  Predecessors  that  so far they have  washing the  mess  done  by the  Previous Governments  but the  fact is  that  they are  not serious to  protect the lives and  properties of  common people  and  just  busy in prolonging their  days  of  being in Power  .

The Civil society and People in General are showing utmost patience and  are  just  weeping on their  wounds  . None of the people have dared to come on the streets and record their protest. The  internal  fear has  forced  them  to stay at home than  raise  their  powerful voice  against the  injustices  and  loss  of  innocent  lives of the  People  . The Police and the security agencies including FC, Rangers appear to have botched totally.  It is  only  Military which  could play a vital role in maintaining peace  and  ensuring safety of  the  Life and  Property of the  people  .

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If  we look at the  Government structures  in the provinces , we  will be shocked  that  every party has  been  ruling in the  province where they have majority  . Pakistan Tehreek Insaf  has  majority  in Khyberpakhtunkwa  so  it formed  the  government in the  KPK  in coalition with  Moderate religious Party Jamaat Islami ,  Pakistan People’s Party formed  sole  government in Sindh  , Pakistan Muslim League  (N)  in Punjab  and  Balouch Nationalists and  PML (N)  in  Baluchistan  . No single  party  got  extra  ordinary majority in four  provinces except PML  (N)  which  formed  the federal Government  with PML (F)  and later joined by JUI  Fazal  .  This  Clearly shows  that  how fragile is  the  Government  and  how  the parties  have been limited  to their  provinces  only  using cards  of  their  respective  provinces  .

With  the  tradition of  hereditary  Politics, nothing new  could be  anticipated from the  PML Government as  people  had  already tested  them twice  and people were  of the  opinion that after  spending several years of  forced  exile from their  homeland  , they might have  learnt  from their  weaknesses  but the  scenario  gives  the  action replay of their  previous  regimes  and the People have not been given any type of relief be it  service sector or  Manufacturing or agriculture  sector  .

The Depreciation of rupee  against Dollar  , Inflation ,  Price hike in Electricity , Petrol and Gas  Tariffs and  Counterproductive  Drone  Strikes    by the  American Forces, Suicide bombings by Militants   have  crippled  the  Economical Condition of  the people  as well  as  disrupted  the  very peace  in the  country  . The  Investors and the Industrialists have  been  forced  to shift their  capital and  Industry  to safer places  so that their business  may not be affected  by the  frequent bomb blasts and  Suicide  Attacks on the  Public  Places  .

The Government has  been, so far ,limited  to  making  statements only as  no tangible  and  Practical  steps have been  taken  by the  them to tackle  with  such type of  security lapses which  cause  the  Loss of  life and Property  to a massive  scale  which could not be  compensated  either by  condemning  it  publically or announcing  Funds  for the  bereaved  family  since  the  Excuses and  money  could  not substitute the  collateral damages done by the people  who do not  even accept the Constitution of Pakistan  . How could you bow down against those who just know the Language of Bullet than ballot?

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The  State Institutions  specially the  army must  act against this terrible  situation which  has  made  people  mentally  distorted due  to looming danger  of  the Blast  . The People  have  limited themselves  to  houses  and  sense  of  vulnerability  have  gripped  the  society  and the  young minds  . The  terrorists mostly target  children Young and  Old  regardless  of  any religion or  Sect and carrying forward the  bloody game which may have serious  repercussions if  it continued  with same  momentum  . The Judiciary  , the  Military   , Civil society and  Common people must come forward and  find  out the lasting solution which restores the  peace and tranquility  in the country  -no matter  it comes up with  talks  or  initiating  stern action against the disruptors  who  have  shaken the  very roots of  the  country  by promoting the  bloody doctrine of  weaponry  to destabilize  the  elected  Government  and derail the  democratic process  which has  hardly set foot  in the  country  . The  peace  loving people cannot afford  their  country be  hijacked by the  militants and terrorist groups who  want to  occupy the  Government  by  violating the  human rights   ,killing and  slaughtering the innocent people  , scholars , Doctors and University Professors  .

It is high  time to take the bull by the  horns  and  free  the  common people  from the chains of  militancy  , terrorism , extortion and  forced  Disappearances  so that  people may take  a sigh of  relief  and  peace  may be restored  . Because  peace  has  the master key which will unlock the  possibilities  for  the  nation and  Open  vistas  of  Opportunities for  the  People of  this  homeland.

Government and  Armed  Forces  must  come  up  with  lasting  solution to this  grave  problem which has  engulfed  the whole country and  attempts to  disintegrate Pakistan from the world  by planting  bombs and  killing the innocent  workers  to resist  polio vaccination .  These type of  people cannot be  called  the  well wishers of the country  but the  greatest  enemies  of  its  very existence . All the political parties must come together to consult and find out the way out so that people may be saved from falling prey to destruction. They must come up with strong resolve and strict policy to deal with militants and terrorists who have taken whole country as hostage.

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Tribal Clashes and the Bloodshed



Tribal Clashes in the parts of Baluchistan and Sindh bring miseries and destruction as warring tribes go on Killing Sprees and do not stop until they equal the numbers.

They go on a massive scale and target indiscriminately, the young and old are consumed in the fire of revenge and vengeance.

Tribal clashes create several socioeconomic problems that compel the tribes men to adopt criminal activities for instance armed robbery, mobile snatching, motorbike snatching and stealing in the rural areas where police patrolling is not available.

Sindh, Baluchistan, KP and Punjab are embedded in the Feudal fabric that is controlling the social, cultural and political arena of these provinces.

This is obviously the great game of some sardars and politicians to incite the tribes to fight to settle their dispute. The disputes are triggered from trivial issues like water share, agriculture land disputes, grazing of animals in somebody’s farmlands, marriage, illicit relations and Karo Kari (honour Killings).

These tribal feuds have already consumed thousands of innocent lives since our judicial system fails to provide relief so people are forced to seek justice from the traditional jirga system, run by the tribal chiefs. Regrettably, the Jirga’s decisions are unmerited in most cases,women are given in exchange to settle the disputes,and the verdicts are binding on both parties.

Sufi Singer Manjhi Faqueer Speaks to Media during Peace Rally

During the colonial era British conferred various benefits to these feudals due to their allegiance to the British Empire. They were awarded lands and properties along with various titles that still exist in today’s Pakistan.

Titles such as sardar,Mir,Nawab, Khan Bahadur, rais and Muqdum are used even today. The princely states were also classified as Salute and Non-salute states, depending on their favorability with the British.

These states were controlled indirectly by British India. Some examples include Bahawalpur, Khairpur, Makran, and Kalat.

For a long time these entitled elite have been ruling and controlling Sindh, Baluchistan and Punjab, for more than seven decades they have had a stronghold in these areas socially, economically and politically.

There are several sardars who traditionally hold hereditary Turbans (pug) of Tribal chief and control their community along with other communities.

In Baluchistan, the most active Sardari tribes are Bugti, Marri, Mengal, Bizenjo, Jamali, Magsi and Rind, In Sindh Sundrani, Bijarani, Mahar,Chandio, Mazari, Lund, Pitafi, Arbabs, Khoso, Chachar, Teghani, Jatoi, Bhayo and Shar. Syed tribes have been ruling the roost in Sindh for several decades, the most important seat of CM falls in their domain.

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The heads of these tribal chiefs are autocratic princes and have totalitarian control over the people of their tribes;they enjoy the full authority in their respective areas.

These jirgas are not only lucrative businesses for the sardars, but they also aid them in consolidating their influence over their tribe members who then vote them to assemblies and the Parliament

The Sundrani, Bijarani, Mahar and Chandio Tribal chiefs control the greatest number of tribes in Sindh whereas Rind, Marri, Bugti and Mengals control most of the Baloch tribes in Baluchistan.

The extent of their control can be assessed on the following point that no one can have even matrimonial proposal without their consent and their verdict is final in all matters.

Feudal influence persists in these areas only because of the absence of writ of state and of law and order.Therefore, the tribesmen are compelled to opt for the Jirgas to settle disputes.

These jirgas delegate infinite powers to the arbitrator (Tribal Chief) consequently some decisions are astounding and illogical, but the communities cannot challenge them because of fear and oppression.

The Jirga process is very slow,both warring tribes must mutually agree to end the dispute, this may involve several sittings. Sometimes, the tribes resume their clashes soon after a settlement and pursue the killing spree owing to resentment by one tribe.

The women especially the young girls bear the brunt of these tribal clashes as unmarried girls are exchanged for compensation in case of murder settlements.These girls live in misery as the family members treat them as the daughter of the enemy and resort to domestic abuse and violence.Consequently, the innocent girls become the victims of these tribal jirgas.

The school going children also become victims of these tribal clashes amid fear of attack if they go to school, the enemy may target these students. Such incidences have been reported in the past.

In a recent incident between the Teghani and Bijarani tribes, two innocent students of matriculation were killed they were prepared to appear in the exams this March, unfortunate death took care that.

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In another ironic incident a 70-year-old man was shot in the head when he was riding his donkey cart to work so he could feed his minor children and wife. Instead of getting food on the table in the evening the family received his dead body.

One recent incident still resonates in the minds of many when 30 innocent lives were lost in exchange of fire between two tribes owing to a trivial issue of illegal grazing of a cow. This continues to happen due to widespread illiteracy and unrestricted use of sophisticated weapons.

This was the one of the worst examples when dozens of men, women and children got butchered in a single day,in a blatant display of barbarity.

The role of Police is very dismal rather dubious since such incidences also occur in cities,in broad day light. Police usually arrive late giving these trigger happy thugs a license to kill innocent people.

The open display of sophisticated weapons like fully automatic fire arms to rocket launchers makes one question how these communities manage to purchase such expensive arms when their purchase requires official approval and some are not even meant for civilians.

In some instances the police becomes an accomplice taking monetary benefits form the tribe that intends on attacking it’s rival turning a blinds eye.

The Government is clueless or an accomplice like the police in these incidents or deliberately avoids legislation against this butchery of humanity since most of the MPA’s and MNA’s are tribal chiefs themselves. They will never legislate against these crimes as they are well aware that legislation means curtailing their own powers and monetary losses.

It is high time that civil society, legal fraternity, and human rights defenders must come forward to stop this massacre in the name tribal disputes and the Supreme Court of Pakistan must take notice of this cold-blooded murder.

The Government should ban the jirgas completely and all murders under the guise of Honour Killings and Tribal disputes should be treated as a crime against humanity with exemplary punishments. Government should also control issuing of licenses to civilians.

The civil society must create awareness against and promote love and harmony among the communities so that they may settle their differences peacefully and never engage in fighting.Precious human lives need to be preserved especially those of the youth.

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